Pay per click marketing is a powerful tool with a wide-range of uses: branding, contests, reputation defense, lead generation... the list goes on. But there are pitfalls, without guidance you could spend $20,000 in a month and have nothing to show for it (this is not an exaggeration, we've had clients come to us with exactly this issue).

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Pay per click can bring you great value: instant entry into search results and advertising targeted to customers looking to buy your product. It can also cause massive headaches: match types, quality scores, dynamic keyword insertion... they all contribute to high-performing campaigns, but how should you use each one and which one is causing you problems today?

Over the last year, we have managed over $1,000,000 in ad spend while hitting targets for both Number of Leads Generated and Cost Per Lead (or Sale). Our strategies have been adapted to companies from local rafting guides to Inc. 500 companies and everywhere in between.

We take the time to learn about your business to be sure you get targeted traffic that has a meaningful impact on your bottom line. We'll start your campaign and make it successful based on targets for CPA and volume, and then train your personnel on the actions they can take daily to ensure your campaign maintains success indefinitely.

Pay for the click, profit from the sale. Contact us to get started.