Case Study: The Dojo of Karate

Issue: The Dojo of Karate had just opened, fulfilling the first part of a dream for local entreprenuer and Black Belt Martial Artist, Javier Lozano. He knew the web could be a powerful provider of new customers, but he also knew that major national chains as well as 100s of local dojos dominated the search engine results.

How could this new dojo overcome those challenges in time to become profitable?

Along the way, we helped the Dojo face additional challenges like:

  • A competitor using keyword-loaded domains to augment their SEO efforts.
  • A brand new location… that Google Maps refused to even recognize!

Approach: We began with a full site audit to help position The Dojo’s site for success. Aside from some general structural and Meta adjustments, we also helped The Dojo to create sub-pages geared toward distinct audiences they wanted to reach. We also put together a plan for optimization on specific, locally-targeted keywords. To augment traffic in important periods, we also to designed a PPC campaign for immediate traffic.

To help solve some of the more unique challenges for the Dojo, we helped them to purchase expired domains that their competitor had been using and redirect them to their own site. This not only increased direct traffic, but help to instantly boost the Dojo’s rankings.

In order to solve the Google Maps and Local search issues with The Dojo’s new address, we employed the full arsenal of loalization tactics to force Google to recognize the Dojo’s location even before the address had been added to their database.

Outcome: In less than 6 months, the Dojo has achieved top 3 rankings for keywords that interested clients use every day. Keywords like: “denver karate dojo” and “denver karate” plus over 1,000 other long-tail searches. Overall traffic has doubled in that time, and search engine traffic has increased four-fold!

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